Every human deserves to worship their Creator, or not,

according to the dictates of their own conscience.

To spread religious freedom around the globe, we need a new generation of leaders.

These leaders must come from diverse religious and geographic backgrounds because they can best understand and influence their own people.

But being a freedom fighter is lonely, difficult, and dangerous.

The First Freedom Foundation will serve as a backbone of support by identifying, training, and connecting these emerging leaders as they develop innovative strategies to secure freedom of religion or belief, the foundation of all freedoms.

The First Freedom Foundation is a new kind of organization, an organization which serves other organizations. We identify leaders and potential leaders around the globe and help them by:

  • Incubating new organizations in targeted countries where there is potential to increase religious freedom, but significant gaps in current efforts,  
  • Accelerating existing organizations with potential for greater impact, and
  • Facilitating collaboration between leaders across the religious freedom space to support one another and share best practices, thus building a global community of religious freedom advocates.

The First Freedom Foundation provides the training, capital, and support change agents need to truly make a difference in their countries. By not seeking credit, nor trying to control, the First Freedom Foundation can truly empower a global movement.

Securing religious freedom worldwide is task far larger than any one organization can achieve. But like a symphony comprised of many instruments, effective social movements require different organizations each playing a unique part. 

Right now the religious freedom movement is mostly lawyers and academics. We need a grassroots movement like a symphony needs a string section! We also need to promote religious freedom in schools, the media, and churches. 

The First Freedom Foundation is like a scholarship fund, conservatory, and masterclass for all different types of metaphorical musicians. Together our social entrepreneurs will contribute their unique talents to make a beautiful sound that will change the world.

Nominate an Emerging Leader for our Incubator/Accelerator Program

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“It is imperative that those of us who believe in God and in the reality of right and wrong unite more effectively to protect our religious freedom”

Dallin H. Oaks

First Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

“In the coming years, interreligious coalitions formed to defend the rights of conscience for individuals and for religious institutions should become a vital bulwark against the tide of forces at work in our government and society to reduce religion to a purely private reality. At stake is whether or not the religious voice will maintain its right to be heard in the public square.”

Francis George

Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church

“Religion is the most fragile of all freedoms. And that’s because it is the most threatening to those in power.”

Eric Metaxas

Author, Speaker, and Radio Host